Bruidhinn Gàidhlig, Cluich Ball-Coise. Speak Gaelic, Play Football
FC Sonas
Our Mission

Our Mission

FC Sonas is a Scottish Gaelic Football service seeking to create an environment for the unifying nature of football to tackle the narrative of Scotland’s native Gaelic language. Connect our community through the power of football where the linguistic spheres of the home, classroom, workplace and leisure, interconnect to optimise the benefits of bilingualism both on and off the field.  Nurture the universal language of Football for the longevity of a healthy and growing Gaelic-speaking community.

The importance of football to Scotland was revealed in The Scottish FA and UEFA-funded study “The Social Return On Investment from Football”. This report concluded that grassroots football provided £1.25 Billion of value to Scottish society, £200 million directly into the Scottish economy, £300 million worth of social benefits and £700 million worth of health benefits. These findings reveal the extent to which football is a force for good in supporting health and wellbeing, particularly following the impact of COVID-19 and the global health pandemic.

To put these numbers into perspective, the Scottish Government commits £29 million in total for Gaelic annually. That is around 2.23% of the money that grassroots football injects into the Scottish economy. It is our commitment to harness this potential by developing grassroots and pathways for Gaelic speakers within the game.